Razoom is a software innovation company that helps businesses solve their toughest aftersales, marketing, and operational problems. From workshop through digital marketing to big data solutions, Razoom is developing industry-leading technology for the automotive, fleet, and transportation industries.

  • First Bus
  • Eden Motor Group
  • Peter Vardy
  • Rolls Royce
  • Behbehani Group
  • Sytner


We listen to our customers. We listen hard to what is being said. What are the customer concerns? What tools do they wish they had to do their jobs better? We don’t jump into meeting with a customer and start selling. First we listen, then we build empathy, before we finally suggest a way forward. As we listen, we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and see the world through their eyes.

We listen to the industries we serve. What are the trends? What are the best practices? What could be done better? What is the competition saying about the products they sell? We keep an ear to the ground so we can anticipate change and intelligently innovate.


Armed with the knowledge we gathered while listening, we now set our minds to innovation. We draw from our experience to develop solutions that answer the big problems and deliver real and lasting value.

Innovation is also about going further. We don’t just tick all the boxes a client might request; instead we take the solution further, pushing it beyond the minimum spec to add new features that surprise and delight the customer. This keeps our customers happy and loyal to Razoom. Innovative thinking inspires our customers to dream big along with us.


It is one thing to think big and innovate but if you never get the job finished then you have missed not only the deadline but also the point of the project.

We are a company that gets the job done! We roll up our sleeves, hunker down, and work hard to deliver what we promise. We obsess over the details. We craft the code and make sure the products we ship are of the highest quality. Our systems and processes in our production environment help us spot problems long before the product goes out the door.


Our history is based on providing our customers with a suite of solutions from our specialist enterprises, BayConnect, CustomerVue and Razoom.IT. These brands come together under the Razoom banner, providing our customers with a complete range of data-driven solutions across multiple industries and geographies.

  • With more than 25 years’ providing IT solutions in the B2B sphere with specialist automotive knowledge as well as experience in a host of other sectors, we have the experience and expertise to deliver, support and maintain a company’s full IT requirements whether at one location or multiple sites.

  • DataVation was born with the desire to scrap the old-fashioned methods of data collection and become the new standard within the automotive world. The team at DataVation isn’t interested in reinventing the wheel, but we are looking to reinvent data. Relax… your data is in good hands. Yours!